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Thank you for your interest in Faith Presbyterian Church (FPC) and for checking out our website. We are a smaller congregation, eager to welcome newcomers. We enjoy getting to know people by name and we seek to have deeper, more meaningful relationships even in the fast-paced fragmented world of the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. more>


Pastor's Monthly Message: Our Role in Making Disciples

What role will you play in making disciples of all nations this fall?  All who profess to be Christians are called to engage in this great endeavor of making disciples of Jesus.  We will not all play the same part, any more than all the members of a sports team or all the actors in a play have the same role.  And, yes, as it works in a small church, we may wear more hats than one.  You may be someone who prays faithfully for and communicates regularly with our missionaries in other countries such as Turkey, Spain, and Pakistan, but you also give generously of your resources to support nationals, such as Mesut, who is serving as a pastor in Turkey.  You may be someone who is able to help us make disciples by teaching English or helping with English in our ESOL ministry.  You may also be praying for an opportunity to share the gospel with a neighbor or co-worker, or planning to join us for Christianity Explored this fall.  Everyone does not need to play the same role, but everyone needs to play some role.  That's how the Body of Christ grows as we make new disciples.  more>


Verse of the Month

Oh give thanks to the LORD; call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! --Psalms 105:1 ESV









ESOL: FREE class for adults and teens who want to improve their English!  Meetings are on Wednesdays, from

7:30-9 p.m.  Register here!  Click here for more information.  Questions? Email us.


Sunday School: Summer break!  Classes for all ages will resume on September 11.


Men of Faith: The men meet on Tuesday, September 13 and 28 at 7:30 p.m. to study God's holiness. Join us!


Women's Bible Study: The ladies meet on Wednesday, September 14 and 28 at 7:30 p.m. to study Isaiah.  Join us!


Women's Craft, Coffee, and Conversation: Friday, September 9 at 7:30 p.m.  Work on your crafts, sort recipes and join in the conversation. Not a Bible study...just women sharing our hobbies and thoughts. EMAIL: